Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Just Allow it to happen..."

In life, there is a creative spontaneity that happens... by simply living.

It happens by living simply. As simple as it needs to be, and not more.

It happens by living genuinely. In the same way an apple tree ... 'apples', as Alan Watts used to say. There is no difference between the tree simply being a tree and the apple happening. The apple is literally an arbitrary mental construct that we have imposed upon its anatomy. The apple and the tree are one process, there is no difference between them except that which we create. It is not trying, nor not trying to 'apple'... it just does, and quite beautifully.

Yet this state or experience of being is shrouded in a dynamic jungle... a jungle of concrete-ness. You cannot try to make it happen, in the same way that you cannot not try to make it happen. It is literally allowed to happen.

And yet this word (allowed), is used in only one of its forms. "To give the necessary time or opportunity for"... This isnt a passive sense of the term. To allow myself to be genuine requires masterful looseness... an experienced veteran who maintains a beginners mind.

When we simply live, spontaneously, creatively... in such a way that nothing more or less needs be taken into account, we instantaneously and interdependently enable our own freedom. This is the context through which being genuine is realized - (made real). Its not forced to take place, it cant be. It simply happens.

And it happens simply.

If being genuine is intentionally sought after, we become trapped or obsessed with being genuine, and act the part so much that we become a fake... someone else. If we intentionally try to not do it... the same happens but it happens through the gate of denial.

Kind of like when you hold a handful of water. If you hold it tightly, it squirts out through your fingers, if you hold it too loosely, it dribbles away. Yet there is a way to do neither and still, almost effortlessly, stay in a balanced relationship with the water...

The genuine self then, is allowed to happen. Like the water it is not pushed away by your efforts, nor invited into a void by your denial.

Happy Thursday!

Nuff Said...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Im still learning the basics...

I love coffee. Im lucky to live where I do, partly because of the coffee culture here.

As it happens, Ive often wondered (coming from a non-coffee culture) what the hell is so different about the varied espresso drinks.

Me: "Ummm, I think I would like to try and 'American Macchiato'..."

Barista: Blank stare composed of a subtle balance between confusion and frustration.

Me: "No, wait. Um. Whats that called? An espresso breve?"

Barista: -Looks at the person behind me in line, then at her watch-

Me: "Um, okay. Can I put sugar in an espresso shot?"

Barista: "Yes."

Me: "Mmmmm that sounds good. I'll take that."

Yeah, exactly.

Well, here is a basic primer:

Friday, August 21, 2009

OK! I admit it!!!

I am a huge LOST fan. In my opinion, it is one of the most creative (and possibly compelling) things ever done on public television.

If youre a LOST fan and have seen season 3 (an honest qualifier), this will probably be funny because its not chess.

If youre not a LOST fan. It will probably be strange, cute, and have an air of cultism...

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I saw Jesus... I think.

Can you see Jesus? Perhaps its divine intervention in the flesh of the lowest beasts. Maybe its an auspicious sign that would gather crowds of Catholics worldwide. It could even be a symbol of sanctity and healing conferred upon this animal...

Should you kiss Jesus for good luck?

Yeah, who am I kidding. Its a dogs ass.

The power of Christ compels you...... to laugh!